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Sources for Parts and Services

Circuit Specialists

Circuit Specialists

Solder StationTemperature controlled soldering stations for "do it yourself" electronic repairs.

Circuit Specialists, Inc.
220 South Country Club Drive #2
Mesa, AZ 85210

Phone: (800) 528-1417  /  (480) 464-2485  /  Fax: (480) 464-5824

Dale's Antique Radio Repair

Dale's Antique Radio Repair
Greenville, Texas
(903) 883-0940

Restoration of antique AC powered radios from the 20s to 60s.
Free Estimates upon request.

Camden Antique Radio Service

Camden Antique Radio Service
Fishers, Indiana

Indiana antique radio repair and restoration experts
providing fast, affordable service for all vacuum tube radios.

Antique Radio Tubes

Antique Radio Tubes
51602 HWY 16
Bogalusa LA. 70427

Antique Radio Tubes
A website for all of us who like the warm glow of vacuum tubes.
Also, for sale, radios, manuals and miscellaneous related items.

Renovated Radios

Renovated Radios

Renovated Radios
New reproduction rubber washers, supports for Philco radios
as well as the Tone/On-Off control shafts for the 1936 Model 610, 620 series sets..
Items for other makes and models also available.


46-420 BackPT-25 BackNew radio backs for some popular Philco models; PT-25, 46-420, 48-460 and 49-501. Other manufacturers as well. We are continually expanding our inventory and do custom work at reasonable prices. If we don't have it, just ask! We also do custom laser engraving and CAD services.

Dan Rasmussen

BatteryMaker, Bill Morris

Battery Reproductions

Battery reproductions of A, B batteries -- AB Packs -- Transistor Batteries
Philco Mystery Control Pack is a specialty.

Mystery Control Battery Pack   Philco Model 39-71 Packs

Accurate Dial Reproductions

Old Radio Parts
Mark Oppat's Radio Parts
Mark Oppat
253 Blanche St.
Plymouth MI 48170
(734) 207-2346

Reproduction Dials
Restoration Supplies

Accurate Dial Reproductions

  Accurate Dials for Many Models
  Capacitors - Electrolytic and Mylar type
  Volume and Tone Potentiometers

Dials for Philco, Zenith, Atwater-Kent and many others.

Check our Dial Listing.

Dials for Philco, Zenith, Atwater-Kent and others.

 50s Predicta.Com

50's Predicta.Com

David Weddington
2702 Albany Ct., Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Phone: 615-890-7498   Email:

Specializing in Vintage Philco Predicta Restoration & Repair

Electronic & Cabinet Restoration

We've be servicing Philco Predicta's for over 20 years,
with hundreds of satisfied customers.

Tom's Antique Radio Repair
Tom's Antique Radio RepairLETS GET THAT RADIO OF YOURS WORKING AGAIN!Tom's Antique Radio Repair
Specializing in Antique Radio Repair - All Makes

Transistor Radio Repair - From the 50s to the Present

Cabinet Restoration Available

Free Estimates!

Website: Tom's Antique Radio Repair

Radiola Guy

 Reproduction Items   Information

 Repro Philco Predicta Knobs

 Vintage Radio and TV


Vintage Components

* Reproduction Items  * Information

* European Radio Info  * Tube Cross Reference

* Repro Flexible Resistors

Tony's 6V6 Shop



* Glass & Plastic Dial Covers  * Multi-section Electrolytics

* Components & Restoration Materials  * Vintage Tube Replacements

* Books, Manuals and much more . . .

Bill Turner - (636) 925-1307


Philco Reproduction Leather Handle

Philco portable models 46-350 and 48-360Here's a great opportunity to replace that missing or worn out handle
for your Philco 1946 portable Model 46-350 or 1948 Model 48-360!

Has spring-metal insert just like the original.

Custom made by Wayne Thompson

Email: Wayne Thompson at for price and information.



Here at WEST-TECH we provide our valued customers and service centers with the "hard-to-find" phonograph parts and service such as idler wheels, needles, cartridges, record changer restoration and rebuilding cartridges. We also service record cutter units as well as wire recorders.

570 Hazelgreen Road
Smithville, WV 26178
Phone/fax: (304) 349-2149

John's Vintage Radio

John's Vintage Radio

Vintage Radio provides quality antique radio repair and restoration of vacuum tube radios made during the 1930's through the 1950's. In addition, we are equipped to repair most vintage tube and transistor receivers and amplifiers made during the 1960's and 70's.

Vintage Radio
John Sworen, Owner
144 N. Beverwyck Rd., #208
Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034
(973) 575-0717

Redwood Radio Repair

Redwood Radio Repair

CAr and Auto Radio RepairsKen Seymour's Website - Car and Auto Radio repairs a specialty.

Home of Jon Stanley's Antique Radios & More

Jon Stanley's Website - Antique Radios, TV's, projects,

Tube box artwork, Articles, and More . . .



Antique and Vintage Electronics Exchange

P.O. Box 1026, Southampton, PA 18966

Classic Radio Gallery

Classic Radio Gallery

Large Viewing Gallery of antique radios.

Wood, plastic, transistor, microphones.

Source for schematics.

Syl's Old Radioz and Audio Workshop

Syl's Old Radioz

Restoration services for antique radio and vintage audio equipment.

Antique phono cartridge rebuilding.

On-line electronic troubleshooting courses, and much more!

For Your Listening Pleasure Antique radio Service

For Your Listening Pleasure, Antique Radio Service.
Your source for all your antique radio and phonograph needs!

Repair and Restoration Services

Phono Replacement Needles and Cartridges

Capacitor Replacement Kits

Schematic Service


WWW.ExReps.Com  An on-line community by, for, and about Ex Reps & Tech Reps, their families and friends.
Dedicated to Tech Reps past, present, & future; any company, any projects, any country, any time . . .
Philco, Ford Aerospace, Page Comm, RCA, Federal Electric, ITT Arctic, RCA, Bendix (BFEC),
Hughes, Loral, Raytheon, Lockheed, AFSCN, and all others are welcome..


All Things Radio

ALL THINGS RADIO brings together under a single umbrella a wide variety of
antique radio-related resources, parts, products, services, and information.

Owner Bob Eslinger/KR1U
Antique Radio Restoration & Repair

We specialize in restoring family heirlooms, Grandma's and Grandpa's old radio, Mom and Dad's special set, and the radios You enjoyed as a child!

Antique Radio Restoration & Repair
20 Gary School Road
Pomfret Center, CT 06259
Telephone/Fax: (860)928-2628
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 9am-5pm Eastern Time (6am-2pm Pacific Time)
E-Mail at

We professionally restore and completely overhaul the radio chassis and refinish cabinets to suit the individual.
Service for all antique tube type American, German, Dutch and Canadian table radios, floor model console radios, communication receivers, automobile radios and music amplifiers.

Bob's Antique Radios & Electronics

Proudly Serving the Vintage Electronics Community for 20 Years.

We Provide Capacitors, Reproduction, Non-Polarized Power Cords, Dial Cord String, Pilot Lamps and Novus Polish

Visit our website for all your Vintage Amp, Ham Gear, Jukebox and Radio Supplies.

Radio Daze - Your Source For Vintage Radio and Electronics

The Radio Daze team is comprised of seasoned electronics industry professionals and vintage radio enthusiasts with over 80 years experience. Radio Daze can provide all your repair and restoration supplies.

Carrying a full variety of electronic components and supplies including 18 and 20 gauge cloth-covered wire.

18 and 20-gauge cloth-covered wire

Radio Daze, LLC
20 Assembly Drive, Suite 103
Mendon, New York 14506
Telephone: (877) OLD-TUBE or (585) 624-1099  Fax: (585) 624-1138

Sundial WireSundial Wire is celebrating its 10th year of providing beautiful, high quality, cloth-covered electrical wire.

Our product is new wire, which is custom-manufactured to replicate vintage electrical wire. Industry professionals come to us for electrical wire that is safe and authentic, but tailored to their specific requirements.

Our loyal customers include lighting designers, antique appliance restorers and collectors, architects, museums, restaurant designers, home decorators, even Hollywood set decorators!

Cloth coverd wire   Cloth covered wire

Sundial wire is manufactured with real cotton braid, for an authentic vintage look and feel; yet, beneath the cloth covering, is a PVC insulating jacket that meets UL standards for heat resistance up to 105 degrees Centigrade, so you can be assured the wire you are installing is safe.

Go To Play Things Of Past!
Play Things Of Past
Medina, Ohio


  Play Things Of Past
  Gary B. Schneider
  2324 Fawn Haven Drive
  Medina, OH 44256

Play Things of Past is a supplier of vintage radios, radio tubes, parts, books, literature, manuals, etc. to the antique radio hobby. We have been in business 20 years and have mainly a mail-order internet business. Personal visits are fine If you would like to pick up parts verified by email.

Phone 330-558-0247

Website:     Email:

•  Antique Radio Discussions - Share collecting tips/ideas, discuss antique radios, phonos and related items.

• Early Televison  - Here's the place for repair and restoration discussions, and tv related topics.

• Electrical/Mechanical Restoration - Questions and answers about the inner workings of radios/phonos.

• General Announcements - Made a change to your radio website? Have information on an upcoming radio event?

JustRadios, Canadian Radio Schematics JustRadios- Canadian Antique Radio Schematics Service

If you need a radio schematic for an antique tube radio that was Made in Canada between 1924-1967, you have come to the right place! We carry a complete set of RCC ( Radio College of Canada ) schematics. RCC is the Canadian equivalent of Riders.

To Order Canadian Radio Schematics, just let us know the make and model/chassis number of your vintage tube radio. Schematics are available for $5.00 U.S. ($7.00 Can.) each ppd. Your personal check is fine. American orders, please remember to use a 48 cent stamp. Our mailing address is Dave & Babylyn Cantelon, 42 Clematis Road, North York, Ontario, Canada, M2J 4X2. Our e-mail address is

Here's another source for service info and schematics for
Canadian manufactured Philco radio models!
Canadian Philco Schematics
Grandpa's Radio Shop
George Found
26 Queenston Cres.
Kitchener, Ontario N2B 2V5
Phone (519) 576-2570

Antique Radio Grille Cloth Headquarters Grille Cloth Samples John Okolowicz, 624 Cedar Hill Rd., Ambler, PA 19002, Phone(215) 542-1597.

Grille cloth for Zenith,Philco, Scott and others. Samples on request.

You can see all John's latest samples and application notes at

The Grille Cloth Web Page -

Antique Electronic Supply
Antique Electronic Supply

6221 S. Maple Ave., Tempe,  AZ  85283
Phone: (480) 820-5411    Fax: (480) 820-4643
Toll free Fax: (800) 706-6789     (US and Canada only)
Visit their web site at

Some of the Philco parts and supplies offered are:

  List Item Reproduction knobs, knob felts and push buttons
  List Item Rubber chassis mounting washers, various sizes
  List Item Decals for early and later models
  List Item Cloth power cord
  List Item Decorative speaker mounting screws


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