rms2We provide high quality photocopies of original Philco antique radio service literature for U.S. models sold between 1928-1947 as a service to fellow collectors and restorers.

Schematics are $7.00 USD (including postage) and are payable by credit/debit card, personal check or money order.

Please note that we only provide schematics for antique Philco radios sold in the U.S. from 1928-1947. We do not have service info for TVs, CD players, stereos or any other consumer electronics that may be branded “Philco.”

Your order will include:

  • Comprehensive documentation including service bulletin pages and production change notes (if applicable) – more than a simple Rider or Beitman scan
  • Schematic, parts listing and other service data not always available from other sources
  • An 11″x17″ enlargement of the schematic and other hard-to-read details in the originals
  • Alignment instructions, and, if applicable, push button alignment information
  • Tube socket voltages and certain resistances for coils or transformers (if listed originally)
  • Chassis layout diagrams that show alignment adjustments and component locations
  • Phonograph service bulletin (for radio-phono models)

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phschemAlignment instructions for models from 1928 through 1936 are from the Complete Instructions for Adjusting All Philco Radio Receivers prepared by the Philco Service Department for radio manufacturers service members. Alignment procedures for 1937 through 1947 models are included in the service data for these individual models. Phonograph combination models are mentioned by model number only and are referred back to the radio model type use in the combo set. Automobile or auto car radios are listed by Philco model number, not the auto manufacturer’s number.

While we only provide U.S. schematics, Canadian Philco service information is available from